Education Minister Adriana LaGrange says all kindergarten to Grade 12 students, other than some in northern Alberta, can return to schools following the May long weekend. (Photo from Government of Alberta)

ATA asks LaGrange for consultation, minister’s office says teachers part of curriculum development

The Alberta Teachers’ Association continues to call on cooperation from the Alberta Government on the new K-6 draft curriculum.

The ATA released a letter Wednesday that was sent to Education Minister Adriana LaGrange on April 26 and was responded to on June 9.

The organization offered to help facilitate a meaningful dialogue between classroom teachers and public servants in the curriculum branch of Alberta Education.

“She has publicly accused us of bullying and intimidation. I find it distressing that she views the voices of concerned Albertans as bullying,” said Jason Schilling, ATA president in a news release.

The ATA added that the most recent request to meet with Alberta Education to discuss the curriculum with teachers was denied.

“The government website on curriculum development states that Alberta Education was to have conversations with the ATA and other education partners, prior to public release of the draft curriculum — that did not happen and the current effort from the ATA to engage has been rebuked,” the release states.

Nicole Sparrow, press secretary to the education minister, said teachers have been involved and will continue to be involved in the curriculum development process.

“Alberta’s government has been very clear that we want feedback from Albertans on the draft curriculum. That is why it has been published online for all Albertans to read as part of the year-long public consultation,” said Sparrow.

In a letter to the minister, the union stated that they will not provide specific comments to improve the draft K-6 curriculum, said Sparrow.

“Despite the stance of the union, we encourage all Albertans, including teachers to provide us their feedback.”

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