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Blackfalds, Wolf Creek Public Schools affirm partnership

Wolf Creek Public Schools’ board of trustees and Town of Blackfalds council are reaffirming their commitment to shared advocacy initiatives important to education and the community.

Meeting in April, the board and council discussed ongoing advocacy in regards to both municipal and school division priorities, highlighted by the need for a replacement public elementary school in Blackfalds.

“This is a top priority for Wolf Creek’s board. As projections continue to point toward growth for the town, a new school for Iron Ridge Elementary Campus (IREC) is needed,” said Luci Henry, WCPS Board Chair.

“Staff at the school and Division level do a tremendous job to provide a wonderful learning environment at IREC, but there are deficiencies that can only be addressed through a replacement school.”

Council also provided an update on projects and initiatives, focusing on Eagle Builders Centre, Border Paving Plaza and Civic Centre renovations.

“Our priorities align very closely and we work in lockstep towards getting the funding and facilities to serve the expanding needs for our students and public schools in Blackfalds,” said Mayor Jamie Hoover.

“The high school that will begin construction in the coming weeks was desperately needed for years and came as a result of a combined effort. We are now setting our sights on meeting the needs of our current elementary level students and the growing number we expect in the future by seeking a replacement for IREC.”

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