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Canadian Taxpayers Association criticizes federal Conservative platform

The Conservative Party of Canada doesn’t “have a credible plan to balance the budget,” said the Canadian Taxpayers Federation’s federal director.

“The government is spending $500 billion this year, but instead of going after the low-hanging fruit like reversing MP pay raises, the Conservatives are promising to spend billions the government doesn’t have,” Franco Terrazzano said Monday.

The Conservative platform promises to balance the budget within the next decade, but doesn’t have a credible plan showing how it’s going to meet its budget target, Terrazzano said, adding the platform does not include costing analysis.

The Conservative platform does little to specify ways to save money within the government’s budget, according to the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation said there are “some bright spots” in the Conservative platform, including strengthening the information commissioner’s ability to enforce transparency, explicitly rejecting a home equity tax, promising to repeal the escalator tax on alcohol and dealing with gun crime by hiring police officers rather than an expensive gun ban and buyback program.

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