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Canadian Taxpayers Federation calls on federal government to ‘scrap’ carbon tax

‘The PBO shows politicians are using magic math to sell their carbon tax’: Terrazzano
Image from Canadian Taxpayers Federation. (Submitted)

The federal director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) is calling for the federal government to immediately “scrap the carbon tax” after a report released by the Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO) showed taxpayers will be on the hook for significantly more than is rebated back.

According to a CTF press release on March 30, Canadians facing the most pain in the wallet will be Albertans who, according to a PBO report released the same day, will be dishing out an average of $710 once the rebates are factored in.

Ontario and Prince Edward Island are the next highest Canadians who will be shelling out dollars on the carbon tax, $478 for Ontario and $465 for Prince Edward Island once rebates are factored in.

Due to the carbon tax being factored in before the G.S.T., an increase to the carbon tax will also lead to an increase in that tax as well; an estimated increase of $429 million in 2023-24 jumping to $924 million in 2032-31 according to the CTF release.

“The PBO is clear: the carbon tax costs families hundreds of dollars more every year than the rebates they get back,” said Franco Terrazzano. “The PBO shows politicians are using magic math to sell their carbon tax … Prime Minister Justin Trudeau should scrap the carbon tax to save families hundreds of dollars every year.”

The federal carbon tax, which affects Alberta since the United Conservative Party scrapped the province’s own, will increase to $65 per tonne on carbon emissions on April 1, translating to an increase in carbon tax on gasoline to $0.14 per litre, up from the current $0.11.