Voters head to cast their ballot in Canada's federal election at the Fairbanks Interpretation Centre in Dartmouth, N.S., on October 21, 2019. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Andrew Vaughan

Canadians divided about preferred election results

Albertans still prefer a conservative majority

According to the latest Angus Reid poll, Canadians aren’t sure who they want to see as their next prime minister.

In an online poll with a randomized sample of 1,639 Canadians that ran from Aug. 27-29, nearly 49 per cent said they expect another Liberal minority, with 12 per cent expecting the Liberals to pull off a majority. About 34 per cent expect a Conservative government in any form.

Survey respondents were also asked what type of government they would prefer and 42 per cent said they would like to see the Conservative Party of Canada, whether in the majority, 32 per cent or minority 10 per cent composition.

Three-in-ten would like the Liberal Party to govern again, divided evenly between hoping for a majority or minority, while 27 per cent want Jagmeet Singh as prime minister, and the NDP as the government.

Meanwhile, Albertans are dead set on electing a conservative government. About 63 per cent of respondents said they’d prefer a conservative majority, with 13 per cent would like to see an NDP majority and seven per cent hoping for a liberal majority.