Central Alberta boasts many outdoor places to practice yoga

Central Alberta boasts many outdoor places to practice yoga

A bit about me: I work, I play, and I do yoga. I’ve been practicing yoga for nine years, and I have been teaching for almost two in Central Alberta.

Yoga became part of my life when I required better stretching for the long distance running I do. It has extended my joy of running, and it brought self-discovery into my life.

I love practicing yoga outdoors in the fresh air.

Remember, yoga doesn’t have to be an hour of Sun Salutations or headstands.

It can be five minutes of quiet reflection or any time you have, to create a conscious connection of recognizing sensations in your body and mind. Being out in nature is sensationally energizing. I have three favourite places to do yoga in Central Alberta:

1. Anywhere close to water. Sylvan Lake. A beach or a boat dock during sunrise is always amazing. There’s a linking to the Water Energy Chakra when you can practice near water.

2. Mountain tops. Mount Coliseum just outside Nordegg. There’s nothing like reaching up to and almost touching the sky. Every time I raise my arms up in Warrior 1, I feel strong and alive.

3. My back deck. When I can’t get to the water or a mountain top, but the air outside is warm and inviting, I step onto my back deck to move and breath as my body needs.