(Black Press file photo).

(Black Press file photo).

Central Alberta men encouraged to ‘Buddy up’ to prevent suicide

600 people have already signed up for the campaign

Buddy Up is a June campaign to prevent men’s suicide.

It’s a call to action for men, who die by suicide three times more often than women. The campaign promotes “authentic conversations among men and their buddies,” encouraging them to pay attention to their friends by asking, “How are you really doing?”

Men are expected to endure hardship without showing their feelings or complaining, so are less likely than women to seek help when struggling, said Akash Asif, External Relations Director with Centre for Suicide Prevention.

“Although guys may not be willing to ask for help for themselves, they are willing to provide support for buddies and keep their buddies safe,” Asif added.

Six hundred people, or “champions,” have already signed up for the campaign, which is free and open to everyone. Champions can share Buddy Up swag and participate in the June challenge, completing activities that drive connection and mental wellbeing.

These activities encourage people to connect with friends by going for coffee, getting outdoors, doing a DIY project, and more. For more information visit buddyup.ca.