Central Alberta Raceways windup for the season

Gets equipped with an AED for future use

CAR President Roy Keessar says next year’s race season is expected to begin in May. (Leah Bousfiled/Black Press news services)

CAR President Roy Keessar says next year’s race season is expected to begin in May. (Leah Bousfiled/Black Press news services)

Rimbey’s Central Alberta Raceways enjoyed another thrilling season with attendees from across western Canada.

“It was a great year. The weather was great and we only had one rain-out day and we had some big crowds down there. We had some new events as well. We had an oval riding event this year,” said Roy Keessar, president of Central Alberta Raceways. “All around it was a great success, we had good car counts and it was fantastic,” he added.

The season ran a variety of events including drag races, oval races, mud bog, demolition derby, and motorcross track events.

After a tiring season and given the events are run on a volunteer basis, the organization decided it was best to cancel the last drag race event, shared Keessar.

Keessar said, “The majority of the community likes the raceways because it brings a lot of revenue into town. The mayor and the town council are more than willing to work with us…and something we look forward to continuing with the Town of Rimbey.”

Keessar explained that the larger the car count, the better racing they are able to put on. He said several events were attended by an average of 130 racers.

Keessar said, “One of our mud bog and demolition derby had huge crowds which was great to see. We had the COVID Cup again which brought a lot of drivers from B.C. and Saskatchewan. I believe we even had a driver come from Manitoba for the COVID Cup, and on the drag strip, we had the West Coast Mod again this year which is always a big fan draw.”

Keessar shared throughout the season they fundraised to support the facility. “We raised some money and so we are looking to try and make some more upgrades for next year.”

The Rimbey Lions Club recently made a donation of $20,000 to the dragstrip and dirt oval at Central Alberta Raceways, to be put towards the purchase of a new sound system, the raceways shared in a Facebook post.

The raceways has also been equipped with an automated external defibrillator (AED), a device used to revive someone of sudden cardiac arrest.

Gull Lake North Citizens on Patrol president Ted Jamieson said, “Wishing that you do not need to use the machine but if you might, that it will provide the life-saving level of assistance to save someone’s life.”

With two AED machines in storage for a few years, Jamieson explained, “The Gull Lake North Citizens on Patrol found themselves with an AED that we were not using.” He added, “This past spring we inquired of the local businesses if they might be able to put an AED in their business.”

Central Alberta Raceways and Jorges Hot Spot, a local convenience store at the Summer Village of Parkland Beach both indicated they could use an AED.

“We also enquired of the Central Alberta Raceways members and are pleased to present the Raceways with the second AED for the Tower and Pit area or other areas of the facility they might use the machine,” said Jamieson.

Put together by local volunteers, the season continues to grow each year while offering Alberta 80 acres of pure horsepower.

Keessar said, “We are looking forward to another great year of volunteers. They put in a lot of work this year.” He added, “It’s been great and we need to keep it going, and to make improvements every year we need that continued help.”

Next year’s race season is anticipated to begin in May. Anyone looking to volunteer or get further information can visit Central Alberta Raceways Facebook page.

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