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City of Lacombe wins Economic Developers Alberta award

The City of Lacombe has received recognition for its project that repurposed decommissioned former lagoon cells.
The City of Lacombe was recognized by Economic Developers Alberta for its partnership with Vesta Energy Ltd. to repurpose the City’s decommissioned former lagoon cells. (Contributed photo)

The City of Lacombe has received recognition for its project that repurposed decommissioned former lagoon cells.

On Tuesday, the city revealed it has received the 2023 Economic Developers Alberta Community Award of Excellence in the category of Economic Development Renewal for Small Community/Region. The project was done in partnership with Vesta Energy Ltd.

The award recognizes communities that take underutilized municipal assets and implement innovative strategies to re-establish them as pillars of economic strength for the community.

“Our partnership with Vesta Energy to repurpose our former lagoon site has provided immense benefits to our residents,” Mayor Grant Creasey said.

“What was once a liability requiring eventual remediation by the municipality is now an asset which allows Council to reinvest significant dollars back into the community.”

Greasey said he and council would like to thank Economic Developers Alberta for recognizing the value of the city’s partnership with Vesta Energy Ltd.

“This award shows economic development is best done as a collaborative and creative endeavour,” said Creasey.

The project uses five of the City’s former lagoon cells. Vesta Energy uses the decommissioned and currently underutilized City lagoon cells to store water for its operations throughout the region.

Mark Lansing, Vesta’s VP HSE and sustainability, congratulated to the City of Lacombe on receiving the EDA Community Award of Excellence.

“Vesta is proud to support the City in this project and deliver economic benefits to the local community from the use of inactive infrastructure. This project is a great model for municipalities collaboratively working with local industry partners.” said Lansing.

The city and Vesta have also collaborated on the development and expansion of the Vesta Energy Fish and Fetch Park, which sits adjacent to the former lagoons. Vesta’s contribution allowed for several amenities to the dog park, which may have otherwise gone unfunded, the city noted in a press release.

Vesta Energy Ltd. is an oil and gas company operating solely within the greater Red Deer area.

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