A decorated sanding truck blends in with the Christmas tree in front of City Hall. (Contributed photo).

A decorated sanding truck blends in with the Christmas tree in front of City Hall. (Contributed photo).

City of Red Deer trucks spread cheer — along with the sand

Three city sanding trucks are decorated with Christmas lights

Three City of Red Deer sanding trucks have been spreading festive cheer around town while decked out in Christmas lights.

“People smile and wave,” added acting public works manager Kim Champigny. “It seems to really brighten their day.”

This is the second year running that some city sanding trucks have been festooned with strings of Christmas lights.

Last year, city workers took inspiration from photos of heavy equipment decorated with big red Christmas bows. They decided to trim the cab of one city sander with lights as a way of spreading cheer in the community, said Champigny.

That first festive truck got many thumbs up from motorists.

Since earlier this month was balmy, staff found the time to trim three sanding trucks out of 17 in the fleet. Public reaction to these lit-up vehicles has been very positive, said Champigny.

“People are happy to see them – although they’re just happy to see a sander, to be honest!”

A thaw-freeze cycle around Dec. 15 made local roads treacherously icy. Dozens of sanding requests were received from city residents, and sanding trucks were at their busiest.

Since more snowfall at Christmas, city public works staff have already cleared the main traffic arteries in the city, and it is now busy clearing sidewalks to prevent falls.

“It’s wickedly cold out today,” said Champigny, who can’t confirm whether the truck-trimming tradition will continue in 2018.

She added, it all depends on the weather, and the busyness of Public Works crews.


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(Contributed photo).

(Contributed photo).