ADDS INFORMATION ON GOLDFISH A goldfish named JR belonging to Suncor president and CEO Rick George following his address to shareholders during the company's annual meeting in Calgary, Thursday, April 26, 2007. Goldfish were the theme of the company's annual report this year.(CP PHOTO/Jeff McIntosh) CANADA

City reminds Red Deer residents not to release goldfish

The City of Red Deer is reminding residents that releasing goldfish into natural aquatic ecosystems can have major unintended impacts to the environment.

Goldfish are an invasive species and when they are released into the wild, they alter habitat, take over resources, and can spread disease to native species, the city said in a release Friday.

“Goldfish are very damaging to our local aquatic ecosystems,” said Geoff Stewardson, city wastewater superintendent.

“They survive through winters, can quickly take over the habitat, and it takes a lot of time and resources to remove the non-native fish from natural and artificial water bodies.”

Along with goldfish, residents should also avoid placing aquarium plants and water into natural habitats as they can contain eggs that can be fertilized by native fish.

Those who need to dispose of unwanted aquarium plants and fish should:

  • Pour unwanted aquarium water over dry land and freeze aquarium plants before throwing them in the garbage.
  • Return unwanted live fish to pet stores, donate them to a school or community organization, or find your fish a new, loving home.
  • If a fish passes away, place it in your green cart. Flushing or dumping it can lead to the spread of unwanted diseases.

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