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Clearview Public Schools buses cancelled Monday due to extreme cold

Schools expected to remain open

Clearview Public Schools is cancelling its buses on Monday because of the severe cold.

The decision not to operate school buses is the result of current cold conditions indicating the air temperature is colder than -35 C or when the temperature, taking into consideration wind speed, exceeds -40 C, says the school division.

School buses will not operate for morning and afternoon services, nor for any planned field trips.

When most or all school bus services are suspended, all schools shall normally remain open to students which may be determined otherwise.

At this time all schools are expected to be open: where schools are not operating, a message will be sent out.

Environment Canada’s exteme cold alert remains in effect for all but the southwest corner of Alberta.

Temperatures in central Alberta are expecting to feel like -40 C to -55 C with windchill.

Meanwhile, The Mustard Seed is extending its hours and meal programs to help those who have no home in which to take refuge from the extreme cold.

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