Grant Creasey will serve as City of Lacombe Mayor for another term. (Todd Colin Vaughan/LACOMBE EXPRESS)

Creasey returns as Mayor of Lacombe

The City of Lacombe has released the unofficial results for the 2021 City of Lacombe municipal election, with all polls reporting.

Grant Creasey has been elected Mayor of Lacombe. Scott Dallas, Don Gullekson, Thalia Hibbs, Cora Hoekstra, Reuben Konnik and Chris Ross will serve as councillors.

The City of Lacombe says that 2,415 out of approximately 11,000 eligible voters cast their votes in the election with a 22 per cent voter turnout.

In Lacombe County, Dwayne West (Division 4), Kenneth Weenink (Divsion 5) and Allan Wilson (Division 6) will be county councillors.

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