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Denike Block in Lacombe receives historic designation

The City of Lacombe has designated another building as a Municipal Historic Resource.

The City of Lacombe has designated another building as a Municipal Historic Resource.

The building, known as Denike Block (5012 50 Avenue) is significant as part of a grouping of early Edwardian commercial buildings in the city. In a release, the city said the “building is valued as part of a distinct and consistent Lacombe style of architecture that dominates the downtown commercial core”.

In 2021, Lacombe’s Flatiron Building received the same designation and in 2022, the Trimble Residence was also named a Municipal Historic Resource.

Lacombe City Council passed a bylaw to officially designate the Denike Block as a Municipal Historic Resource under the Province of Alberta Historical Resources Act.

According to a release from the city, the Denike Block was constructed in 1913 by a local jeweller and watchmaker, C.R. Denike. on lands he purchased from a local businessperson, Frank McLear. Denike occupied the main floor retail space and initially leased the upper floor to the Town Registrar, Perry Pratt.

It has retained many of its original features and in 2020, the present owner undertook major foundation upgrades at the rear of the building to ensure the structural integrity of the building, as well as some other renovations such as the cleaning, reversal, and reinstallation of the original bricks.

“Members of the HRC toured the Denike block earlier this year and saw the inspiring product of significant dollars the owner invested into critically needed structural work.” HRC Chair Myles Chykerda said.

“We are grateful that Ms. Downton recognized the historical value and beauty of the Denike and moved forward with the designation. With this protection in place, the building will continue to be a treasured part of Lacombe’s historic downtown for years to come.”