Clearview Public Schools

Donalda School, Big Valley School to temporarily shift to at-home learning

Clearview Public Schools has announced two schools within the division will temporarily transition into at-home learning.

Beginning Monday, students in Grades 1-9 at Donalda School and Big Valley School will begin learning from home, with a planned return to in-class learning on Oct. 4.

“Previously, we alerted our school community that we had over 10 per cent of students away due to illness. At the time of writing this letter, the percentage of students away continues to be over 10 per cent with reported cases of COVID-19,” the school division said in a statement Sunday.

“Instruction and learning opportunities will be offered using a combination of online and paper-based materials. Classroom teachers will provide a detailed schedule so that students will have direct access to them at specified times during the day. This will ensure that we will keep moving forward with the curriculum and continue the strong learning that is happening within classes.”

Kindergarten and playschool students will continue in-person learning at Big Valley School.

In collaboration with Alberta Health Services and Alberta Education, Clearview Public Schools will reassess whether it will move to in-person or continue online learning the weekend prior to Oct. 4.

The central Alberta school division is reminding families to continue to closely monitor their children for any signs or symptoms of COVID-19.

“Please know that this decision was not made lightly and we recognize the inconvenience this decision places on families,” said Clearview Public Schools.

“We appreciate your support, understanding and flexibility to ensure student learning continues on successfully during this time.

“As always, do not hesitate to reach out to your child’s teacher or the school principal for additional support or clarification. While this is a challenging time, we trust you will continue to feel well supported by our staff, school, and division.”

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