Facility designed to divert waste from Sylvan Lake’s landfill to be ready by end of year

Facility designed to divert waste from Sylvan Lake’s landfill to be ready by end of year

Fogdog Energy Solutions Inc. technology turns waste into a fluff

A Calgary company whose technology can divert almost of Sylvan Lake’s waste from its landfill is on track to be operating by the end of the year.

Fogdog Energy Solutions Inc. has agreed to build and operate what is known as a no landfill disposal facility. It can convert 98 per cent of the nearly 500 tonnes of waste now heading into the town’s landfill every month. Glass and metals would be recycled separately.

First, Alberta Environment and Parks approval is needed to operate a facility that can convert almost all landfill waste into a carbon “fluff” that can be processed into hydrocarbon fuels such as diesel and gasoline.

The company is in the midst of getting Canadian Electrical Code and Canadian Standards Association certifications for the facility’s equipment, says Sylvan Lake operations manager John Watson in an update going to town council on Monday.

Getting those certifications — expected to take six to eight weeks — will speed up the provincial approval process, he says.

Fogdog has already bought a small waste converter unit and expects to demonstrate the technology to the town this spring.

Under an agreement with the town, Fogdog must have its approvals lined up by June 15, which is 18 months after an agreement to pursue the project was signed with the company.

“If the process goes as planned, the (no landfill disposal facility) is expected to operating no later than Dec. 15 …” says the report.

Town communications officer Joanne Gaudet said the technology is so new that it was difficult to know how long it would take to get all the approvals necessary.

“Everyone knew there were certain processes and applications and stakeholders they’d have to meet with. That part is still underway and we’re still optimistic about everything.

“On our end, there is not that much more to be done.”


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