Fire restriction in effect for Rocky Mountain House Forest Area

A fire restriction is in place for the Rocky Mountain House Forest Area due to hot and dry conditions.

Under this restriction, existing fire permits are suspended and all outdoor fires presently burning must be extinguished unless approved to continue by a forest officer.

Wood campfires on public land, fireworks and exploding targets are prohibited. Safe wood campfires within fire rings in campgrounds and backyard fire pits are allowed.

There is currently one wildfire in the Rocky Mountain House Forest Area. This wildfire is under control.

Since March 1, there have been 50 wildfires in the Rocky Mountain House Forest Area, burning a total of 74 hectares.

There are currently 49 wildfires in the Forest Protection Area of Alberta. Eight of these wildfires are out of control, 15 are being held, 25 are under control, and one has been turned over to the appropriate authority.

Since March 1 there have been 696 wildfires in the FPA, burning a total of 3,466 hectares.

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