Gas prices on the way up again

Gas prices on the way up again

Gas prices at 79.9 at many stations on Friday afternoon

Only a couple of days after some drivers might have been wondering how low gas prices could go, the question has changed to how high they can fly.

Gas prices at many Red Deer stations were at 79.9 on Friday afternoon — a 14-cent jump from Thursday’s average.

There were still some deals to be had. Costco posted 61.9 and had long lines of drivers taking advantage.

Many other stations were still in the 65.9 to 69.9 range, at least as of late afternoon.

Other Alberta communities were reporting similar jumps, with prices in Calgary soaring as much as 20 cents a litre at some stations.

While the quick rise will no doubt trigger some grumbling, it should come as some consolation to motorists that the highest average price last year happened on May 2, when the price was 126.9, according to statistics compiled by

The highest average on a May 1 was in 2018, when gas was selling for 128.9. The highest recorded average also happened in 2018, when gas was 137.9.

On a yearly basis, average prices are down 41 cents from last year’s 120.9.

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