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Man walking from Lethbridge to Edmonton through central Alberta to raise awareness for lung disease

Inspired by his father, Chris Sadlier started Walk to Breathe and wants to raise $50,000 for the lung association

Chris Sadleir’s father was diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF), a lung disease with no known cause, and no cure.

The only way to save his father was a double lung transplant - he eventually received the call in 2016 to receive his lungs.

At the end of 2019 and being inspired by his father, Sadleir approached the Lung Association with an idea to walk from Calgary to Edmonton - a total of about 330 km. That year, he came through Sylvan Lake.

It was a tremendous success, said Sadleir, who is from Edmonton.

“We set a goal and we crushed our goal last year.”

It’s great to meet people during the walk, he added. “People will come up to us and tell us stories about their loved ones who have had a double lung transplant or their loved ones with severe asthma.”

Sadleir’s parents also take part.

“My parents became the rock stars of it because that was what the whole journey is based on. They were also with me every step of the way last year driving the support vehicle behind me.”

At the very beginning of 2021, Sadleir thought about doing a second Walk to Breathe.

“Do I have another round in me, do I have enough gas in the tank,” he thought.

Last year was indeed a tremendous success, and the fifth anniversary of his father’s transplant is coming up so he decided to approach the lung association again.

“Hey, if we are doing it this year I want to do it further, longer, more gruelling, and more logistically-challenging, so I want to go from Lethbridge to Edmonton - over 500 km - in 17 days.”

The Lung Association was behind him all the way.

Now he is doing his walk and everything is going well, except for the weather.

“You know it’s beautiful weather if you’re out camping or swimming but when you’re walking 30 km a day it’s pretty treacherous.”

The goal this year for the walk is to raise $50,000 for the Lung Association, said Sadleir.

“I know we can crush that for sure.”

Sadleir will be arriving back in Edmonton on July 23 – five years to the day his dad had his double lung transplant.

“I’ll actually be crossing the finish line if I time it out properly between five and six which will almost be to the minute that he went in.”

People can donate at and follow the entire journey.

“With Twitter it is at SadleirChris, Facebook is at CKSadleir, and Instagram is at Sads216.”

Ultimately, it’s also a way to bring awareness to lung disease, said Sadleir.

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