McIntyre in, Plante out of mayoral race

Sylvan Lake’s mayoral race has seen a shake-up.

Sylvan Lake’s mayoral race has seen a shake-up.

Coun. Dale Plante, who jumped into the contest in March, has dropped out of the race and has endorsed fellow Coun. Sean McIntyre, who announced he was seeking the town’s top job on Facebook on Wednesday.

McIntyre said he was ready to run for mayor but was reluctant to compete against a fellow councillor with a similar platform. When Plante changed his mind McIntyre saw an opening.

The 29-year-old, who is completing his first term as a councillor, sees communication and engagement as key areas that need some work.

“I think communication is probably the thing we have been lacking most,” said McIntyre, who is a local insurance broker and has lived in town since he was six years old.

“Communication is something I’m mildly obsessed with,” he said, with a chuckle. “I’m looking forward to filling that void for sure.”

He wants to see improvement in the way the town engages its residents, surrounding communities and higher levels of government.

McIntyre, who is co-ordinator of the town’s annual Shake the Lake festival, also seeks changes in how the town approaches its future and recognizing Sylvan Lake’s assets, such as its natural beauty, volunteerism and community spirit.

His main goal is to build a better community by working together to nurture what the town has while finding ways to provide what it lacks.

“We’ve got a lot to do in the way of planning for the future,” he said, adding that involves working with other municipalities around the lake and in the region.

McIntyre is married with a five-year-old daughter and two-year-old son. For more information go to

Meanwhile, Plante said while he was geared up and ready to run for mayor he feels McIntyre offers another well-qualified candidate.

“It certainly wasn’t an issue that I didn’t feel confident to go in on the race,” said Plante, who announced at a Sylvan Lake Chamber of Commerce meeting on Wednesday morning that he will seek instead a second term as councillor.

Plante said if elected he plans to continue to serve the community, support the mayor and have an impact on future direction, especially on issues such as economic development.

McIntyre joins incumbent Mayor Susan Samson, who is seeking a third term as mayor, and seven-year town resident Matt Prete in the race.