Megan Lim, People’s Party of Canada.

Megan Lim, People’s Party of Canada.

Meet the candidate: Red Deer – Lacombe (People’s Party of Canada)

Megan Lim, People’s Party of Canada

Current occupation: I’m a real estate legal assistant, I’ve being doing my job for over 20 years.

What are the three most pressing issues facing central Alberta residents, and how will you address them?

The biggest issue facing Alberta right now is COVID-19. We have given up our freedom for the promise of safety from our leaders, but it’s a promise they can’t keep. We’ve allowed the government to shut our business and places of worship and to keep us separated from our family and friends. Our healthcare professionals are being forced to choose between losing their jobs or taking a vaccine that many of them don’t feel they need or they don’t trust. The PPC is opposed to mandatory vaccines, vaccine passports, lockdowns and mandatory masking. We believe you have the right to make your own health decisions.

The federal debt is now over $1.1 trillion for the first time in our history. We need to stop the hemorrhaging of money before inflation rises even further, putting more strain on Alberta families already struggling to recover from government lockdowns. The Conservatives and Liberals are both full of big spending promises to try to buy your votes. The PPC will not make empty promises that we are in no position to keep right now. Where O’Toole wont balance the budget for 10 years, we intend to balance it our first term. We will defund the CBC, cut foreign development aid, reduce immigration to sustainable levels and eliminate corporate welfare and subsidies.

Alberta needs pipelines. The PPC intends to invoke section 92(10) of our constitution to build the pipelines in the national interest of Canada. As a society, we are still heavily dependent on oil and gas and will be for quite some time. If the oil is not coming from Alberta it will come from somewhere else. Places like Saudi Arabia, which has terrible human rights standards and poor environmental regulations. Alberta is the best equipped to provide the safest and cleanest oil available. The PPC will make pipelines a priority.

A few more things …

Where were you born/raised? Where do you live now?

I was born and raised in Edmonton. I now live on an acreage in Ponoka County.

You have served in office before. What have you learned? Why are you running now?

I have never run for or served in office before. I’m running now because I want to protect the futures of my two young sons. I want them to grow up in a free and prosperous land, not a country controlled by the globalists in the UN and the WHO. I want to be a voice for regular, hardworking Albertans in Ottawa.

Why do you make a good representative for your constituents in the legislature?

I think what would make me a good representative is that I’m not a politician and I’m not required to toe a party line like your current MP. I can truly speak for you and represent your concerns. I have the freedom to vote my conscious and I will listen to the people of my riding with an open mind.

Tell us a surprising or interesting fact or story about yourself.

No answer.

Notable past achievements/titles/jobs.

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