Clayten Willington, independent

Meet the candidate: Red Deer- Mountain View (Independent)

Clayten Willington, independent candidate

Current occupation: Barber and business owner

What are the three most pressing issues facing Central Albertans and how will you address them?

Mandatory Vaccines: What you put into your body is your choice period. We as Canadians must be more careful about abandoning our rights. History is littered with cases of individuals being forced to give up their individual rights for the perceived benefit of all where it ended very badly. As an independent candidate, I have the ability to stand and speak freely to call out lies and tyranny when it is evident and to vote freely for policies that align with the peoples hearts. More often than not those votes are decided by thin margins.

Vaccine Passports: I stand against vaccine passports. I’m convinced it would be successful at somethings: Division, suffering, poverty, government dependence, rejection and discrimination among other horrible consequences. I want no part in that. As an independent candidate.

I have the ability to stand speak and to vote freely for policies that align with the peoples hearts. Independents in the past have been powerful voices and agents for change.

The energy sector: I stand wholeheartedly against energy sector killing initiatives such as the carbon tax, the Paris agreement and any policies created from a fear based climate alarmist narrative. As an independent I would vote against any policies effecting Alberta’s energy sector which could be the lynch pin the vote.

A few more things …

Where were you born/raised? Where do you live now?

Born in Red Deer and raised in Lacombe County, Clive area actually. I currently reside on an acreage between Spruce View and Benalto.

If you have run for/served in office before, what have you learned? If not, why are you running now?

I haven’t run before. I am running now because I see the division today and the fear on every side. It’s all just different sides of the same coin. The hate and the fear mongering and a true message of freedom and love and compassion is being lost. What made Canadians stand out and be respected around the world is quickly being thrown out the window. I was inspired by a quote from Martin Luther King Jr. “We need leaders not in love with money but in love with justice. Not in love with publicity but in love with humanity.” That’s the main part of my platform is love for humanity and to see reconciliation and unity across all of canada.

Why would you make a good representative for your constituents?

If you are looking for someone to represent you from a place of real freedom, grace, love, patience, kindness, honour, understanding, unity, acceptance, peace and humility. If you want a real voice and to see things done differently then I’m your representative.

Tell us a surprising or interesting fact or story about yourself.

In university I worked in the mail room for the reform party mailing out platform documents and such. I was caught playing solitaire on the computer by Preston Manning during the election when I should have been packing boxes. He was actually the kindest man and he didn’t say anything to my supervisor. He asked me if I was winning.

Notable past achievements/titles/jobs.

I worked as a contractor as a developer and tester and worked on a Guardians of the Galaxy 2 game. The NDA agreement was insane, I couldn’t even talk to my family about what it was.

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