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Meet the candidate: Red Deer – Mountain View (Libertarian Party of Canada)

Jared Pilon , Libertarian Party of Canada

Jared Pilon, Libertarian Party of Canada

Current occupation: Chartered Professional Accountant.

What are the three most pressing issues facing central Alberta residents, and how will you address them?

Cost of living: Typically, central banks curb inflation by increasing leading rates. With lending rates at historical lows, it is very possible that the Bank of Canada raises interest rates sooner than expected to curb rising inflation. How would a three per cent jump in lending rates impact your variable rate mortgage?

The Liberal government must immediately stop borrowing and printing money. All levels of government need to implement drastic spending cuts to reduce the size and scope of operations. Free markets deliver goods and services more efficiently than government. End the use of fiat money (government-issued currency not backed by a commodity) and instead move to a system of representative money, potentially backed by oil.

Economy: Canada is the world leader in delivering ethically and environmentally sourced oil & gas. Expanding our pipeline networks would enable Canada to attract better market prices for our goods while reducing emissions in foreign countries through the delivery of liquid natural gas as a replacement for coal.

Immediately repeal Bill C-48 (tanker ban) and Bill C-69 (no more pipelines). Radically decentralize the responsibilities of the federal government to the areas of national security, federal courts and a scaled back RCMP service. With the provinces now responsible for collecting their own taxes instead of relying on equalization payments, Canada Health Transfers and Canada Social Transfers, competition will immediately be ramped up. Provincial completion will lead to reductions in red tape and taxes. Provinces who were traditionally reliant on federal transfers will now advocate for pipelines and other major infrastructure projects in an effort to bolster their local economies.

COVID-19: Throughout 2020/21, Canadians have made numerous sacrifices in the name of public health. These sacrifices go far beyond the obvious economic impacts resulting from shuttered businesses and lost jobs. Numerous reports have highlighted skyrocketing opioid deaths, decreasing mental health and significant negative impacts on children. All the direct result of pandemic restrictions.

End vaccine passport systems and the pursuit of mandatory vaccines. These measures are wrong and have no place in a free and democratic country such as Canada. Hold round table discussions with doctors, scientists and other subject matter experts that offer opposing opinions to the fear mongering narrative that has been portrayed for 18+ months. Protect everyone’s right to gainful employment going forward. Respect the fact that Canadians can believe that a virus exists, while still having questions about the heavy-handed response from the government and not be conspiracy theorists. Stop denouncing alternative treatments shown to be promising in the treatment of COVID-19. 3.

A few more things …

Where were you born/raised? Where do you live now?

I was born and raised in Red Deer. I have lived in Springbrook, Alta. for the past eight years.

If you have served in office before, what have you learned? Why are you running now?

I am frustrated by the ineptness and inconsistency that seems to plague government, regardless of the political party in power. It seems like more time and energy is spent focused on the problems instead of finding solutions to those problems. In recent years, the federal government has engaged in victim and villain politics. Constructing policy through this lens emphasizes the plight of a particular group of citizens and in turn, places the blame for these circumstances on a differing group of citizens. This results in mistrust and inefficiencies, creating winners and losers and dividing our nation. Canadians deserve an agile, competent and compassionate government. Through common sense and hard work, we can achieve monumental prosperity. Budget and spending decisions need to be made with the same prudence that families and businesses use in making these decisions. The government needs to capitalize on our strengths and encourage innovation through less red tape in order to propel the country out of debt. Furthermore, we need to put aside individual issues and find common ground on matters that are truly important. This is the key to our success.

Why do you make a good representative for your constituents in the legislature?

As a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA), I directly see the negative impacts of government policy on business owners and most notably, their families. Having worked in the Alberta oil and gas industry, I understand the hard work required to keep this country operating. I will use this professional and practical experience to provide a common sense approach to government. I have committed to meeting with constituents on a monthly basis at town hall meetings to learn from them. This will enable me to advocate on your behalf based on your ideas.

Tell us a surprising or interesting fact or story about yourself.

In high school, I was a part of a team that drove (on a school bus) from Red Deer to a northern state in Mexico to participate in a one week outreach and missions trip to support underprivileged children and families.

Notable past achievements/titles/jobs.

I completed my Bachelor of Management degree, Chartered Professional Accountant designation and Trust and Estate Planning designation (waiting on regulating body approval) via online delivery while working full-time.