Mental health a top priority for Red Deer Catholic schools

Mental health a top priority for Red Deer Catholic schools

Nine counsellors have been hard at work at Red Deer Catholic schools supporting the mental wellness of students and their families.

For three years, the school district has offered the services of Family School Enhancement Counsellors. They support the social, emotional and mental wellness of students and families within their home, school and community through early intervention and prevention.

During the last school year, the counsellors supported 1,316 people across the school division.

According to the mental health commission of Canada, one in three people will experience a mental health problem in their lifetime.

Services offered by the counsellors include:

  • Providing support services to families and children facing social, emotional and family challenges
  • Building skills with students in small groups
  • Promoting effective communication within families and between parents and students
  • Assisting families in navigating and finding information and resources, such as counselling services, income support and community programs
  • Promoting preventative opportunities within the schools and community
  • Providing support in schools and in the home
  • Collaborating with community agencies
  • Organizing family events and parent sessions
  • Enhancing Catholic family values by building home, school and parish

Family School Enhancement Counsellors are funded through Alberta Health Services, Central Alberta Child and Family Services and Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools.

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