Mental health support app coming to MC College students

Mental health support app coming to MC College students

Students at MC College will have access to an app to help them with their mental health starting December.

MC College will team up with Morneau Shepell, a global leader in mental health support, to introduce the Student Support Program. Through the program a free app, My SSP, will be available to help students dealing with the stress that comes with being a student.

A 2016 National College Health Assessment reports 65 per cent of students felt overwhelming anxiety, 44 per cent felt so depressed it was difficult to concentrate and 13 per cent considered suicide when starting school.

The app features meaningful, confidential and culturally relevant support in various languages; English, French, Chinese, Korean and Arabic.

At the touch of a button, students can call or live chat with a qualified counsellor with years of clinical experience. Counsellor matching, ongoing support and access to relevant articles and videos are also available on the app.

The app is available on Apple and Android devices.

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