Municipal election: Red Deer city council candidate Brenda Campbell

Brenda Campbell, Red Deer city council candidate. (Contributed)

Brenda Campbell, Red Deer city council candidate. (Contributed)

Brenda Campbell is a Red Deer city council candidate.

I am running for city councillor as I’d be honoured to serve Red Deer and support effective growth and development as fiscally efficiently as possibly. My primary premise for financial responsibility would start with addressing councillors’ salaries. I believe a stipend for services is more realistic and less costly.

Secondly, let’s work together to become one of the safest cities in Canada instead of the other way around. Whether it’s through ‘Citizens on Patrol’ and community Facebook and other social media platforms, our vigilance and security needs to be further supported. Even with security cameras, gates/fences and other measures to deter crime, it’s rampant. Too many citizens have been violated either at their residence, place of business, or both. Even if criminals are caught/charged, effective penalties aren’t in place. Working with the next levels of government to better deal with repeat offenders instead of the ‘catch and release’ mode currently set up has to be at the forefront of crime prevention and control. A sense of safety and security is paramount and we need to make real progress in this regard.

Another area that’s been at the forefront of city issues for decades is marginalized residents and how to help them manage. Assisting homeless and other vulnerable populations so they can thrive independently as contributing members of society is an ongoing endeavor which needs further review. We have amazing amenities in Red Deer such as Kerrywood Nature Centre, Bower Ponds, up and coming Capstone community and Heritage Ranch. Networked by our renowned trail system these amazing areas are connected yet also subjected to misuse which results in litter and expensive clean up services. Unfortunately this abuse occurs throughout the city. Taxpayers deserve protection and the opportunity to enjoy amenities they’ve worked so hard for. City and private lands should be used appropriately and not as encampments or garbage dumping stations. Peace officers, city and outreach workers have put in hundreds of hours trying to serve rough sleepers and other citizens who require assistance. We need to rally (and receive) funding and support, especially federally, so one of the city’s many historic ‘plans to end homelessness’ is more successful.

Likewise with regards to safety and comfort, the provincial government must provide acceptable healthcare funding for our region. Hospital expansion or duplication is essential and needs to be supported. Grande Prairie and vicinity, which has a lot less population than Red Deer and area, has more inpatient beds – especially with their new hospital build. Other pertinent issues range from waste management (we had a year of weekly composting in the winter) and snow removal scheduling to retaining businesses within our limits instead of them relocating to the county. We can be progressive, still retaining our small town feel and sense of community, by addressing areas of need and working with other municipalities and levels of government to secure funds and expand services.

I will listen to all ideas and appreciate your input.

Please email me at with any questions, concerns and suggestions. Thank you!

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