Graham Barclay

Municipal election: Red Deer city council candidate Graham Barclay

Graham Barclay is a Red Deer city council candidate.

Hello Red Deer. I am someone who has helped businesses for over 30 years, been a non-profit board volunteer for close to 15 years and Red Deer citizen for 18 years. Now it’s time to help this wonderful city and move it forward and together with all of you.

It is time for change in Red Deer and I will bring the fresh balanced perspective to our council that you have been asking for. I believe in helping all size of business; bringing more and new industries to Red Deer; improving the downtown through a balanced approach; better advocating with our neighbours and the province; value for money view towards fiscal management with our budget and encouraging positive uplifting conversation about Red Deer. My vision will be bold yet realistic; fun and serious while we get down to business. Join me to move us forward and together.

Red Deer is a vibrant city and has a many wonderful advantages and places. I am proud to work in this area and call it home. I am an entrepreneur and consultant that helps companies get past some of the hurdles that are in the way to growing and being efficient. Small and medium business make a large portion of this city and working with them has been joy. I look forward to making decisions as councillor that will benefit their growth in Red Deer.

In addition to my over 30 years of business experience I am happy to say I also have over 14 years of volunteering work as a board member with various groups. I was first vice-president with the chamber of commerce; I have been chairman of the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) for many years and now executive vice-chair for the province with CMHA. Additionally, I am currently a director on the board with Bridges Community Living assisting them to provide seniors housing.

Using my many years of business and non-profit experience I am excited to help facilitate good discussion for all citizens and businesses in Red Deer so we can share our positive enthusiasm about where we call home and then move forward and together.

My Vision for my term as a councillor for the City of Red Deer is to provide leadership and good governance with my fellow team members on staff and in council to ensure Red Deer grows, remains safe, and enters our post-pandemic future with confidence and stability. This vision is an opportunity for all of us to join as one and work towards growth and prosperity rather than division and recession. There are a multitude of matters relating to Red Deer that are uncertain, as well as many financial challenges, and several items on the list of things we want improved. My role will be to make decisions that move us forward while working alongside the staff and community of Central Alberta. I am convinced that Red Deer has a bright future ahead and I plan to bring positivity, inspiration and actual implementation as a councillor and not just empty promises. Our post-pandemic Red Deer is going to be open for business and a welcoming environment for all to enjoy.

Red Deer is our home and I wish to be part of the city government that makes decisions to make it even better, tell people why they should live here and make it easy for businesses to operate and grow in Red Deer.

Here are some highlights:

• Red Deer resident since 2003

• Has lived in Normandeau and Morrisroe

• Entrepreneur and owner of Stage-COACH Consulting

• Over 35 years of business experience

• Director on the Bridges Community Living Board of Directors

• Past chairman of the Canadian Mental Health Association Central Region

• Executive vice-chairman of the Canadian Mental Health Association Alberta Division

• Formally vice-president of the Red Deer Chamber of Commerce

• Father of four amazing adult children

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