Kraymer Barnstable, city council candidate. (Contributed photo)

Kraymer Barnstable, city council candidate. (Contributed photo)

Municipal election: Red Deer city council candidate Kraymer Barnstable

Kraymer Barnstable is a Red Deer city council candidate.

I began my time in Red Deer in 2009 when I was selected to play for the Red Deer Rebels. The city immediately captured my heart and I knew it was where I wanted to be in my future.

After pursuing my hockey career for a few more years I returned to Red Deer in 2013 to attend Red Deer College as well as play for the RDC Kings hockey team. After moving into a townhouse in Kentwood August of 2013, I never looked back. My wife and I are now firmly planted in Morrisroe.

Red Deer became the city where I had my first office job, met my wife and launched a successful business. This city has given abundantly to myself and my family. I believe now is the time to give back and contribute to the city that has blessed my life. I look forward to calling Red Deer home for many years and serving the people in this beautiful municipality located in Central Alberta!


Fiscal responsibility

It has been no secret that over the past year and a half the citizens of Red Deer have been hit hard both personally, and financially due to a global pandemic. Now is not the time to plummet our city into debt or ask for higher taxes from a hurting community. We need leaders that are committed to push our resources in the proper direction to solve the pressing issues until we can get people and businesses back on their feet financially.

Revitalized downtown

Red Deer’s downtown has tremendous potential to invite both tourists and our local community. Unfortunately, that is not the case right now. I believe that in order to revitalize downtown we need a two-pronged solution:

• Homelessness needs to be addressed in an effective manner. By re-allocating resources towards detox and counselling, we can get to the root of homelessness which I believe is addiction.

• Give businesses a reason to want to stay downtown. Due to safety concerns and much higher taxes, businesses have and will continue to flee from downtown unless these issues are dealt with.

Business and job growth

It is no secret that Red Deer County has flourished in recent years and that has to do with both safety and much more affordable business taxes. If we want to grow Red Deer from the inside out, we need to have a similar plan. To add more jobs and grow our city, we need to encourage business startups and ventures that can sustain themselves and grow local jobs.

Voice for Red Deer’s youth

The future of Red Deer is our youth. Local kids and teens have been massively affected by the pandemic and policies that hurt them at every turn. We need to support our youth and encourage physical activity and development.

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