Ryan Laloge, Red Deer city council candidate

Ryan Laloge, Red Deer city council candidate

Municipal election: Red Deer city council candidate Ryan Laloge

Ryan Laloge is a Red Deer city council candidate.

I offer a different perspective on local issues that matter to residents who are under 40, and those who work in activities not centered on our community. I have never ran for public office before. Like many residents I did not grow up in Red Deer as my parents left the city 45 years ago. Individuals new to Red Deer in the last 20 years need representation and I bring alternative perspectives to council.

My focus includes the level of crime and drug use in our downtown core. Residents should be able to feel safe in the downtown streets. Policing and other services should be effective and ensure measurable progress is achieved. I am concerned that property taxes and business taxes have not been competitive. We should not be taxing businesses to a point that they feel unwelcome downtown and relocate to Gasoline Alley, especially in a virtual economy. Red Deer has more potential than most cities, providing we stick to the basics on budget and growth. There are no reasons to mimic Edmonton or Calgary. The future requires a step back from the past to ensure younger families are welcome here.


1. A representative voice for businesses in the trades and younger blue collar families

2. A representative voice for enterprises in Red Deer who work out of the city

3. A person who has resided almost ten years in the city and is raising two children here

4. Someone who cares about the city and its challenges but knows the city must focus on doing things well rather than doing everything.

What is unusual about my background is I am not a career politician. My wife and I moved here from Kelowna, B.C in 2012 for work and a better life. We have two children, one born here in Red Deer. I have mainly worked in the oil and gas service sector in welding, pipe-fitting and pipelines. Red Deer city council needs to have a range of perspectives. We need a team focus to protect what we have. I would enjoy the challenge of representing part of the city that does not appear at the council table today.

It is important for everyone to follow the health experts’ advice. I mainly social distance and wear a mask, wash my hands whenever possible. I am vaccinated. I am disgusted with how unvaccinated people are being treated in some ways. This is about the health benefits and it should not be vax vs unvaxxed. We should not insult those who are unvaccinated. I do not support the division that has been created in the community. I am uncomfortable with lockdowns and vax passports. People should still be able to have their voice heard and a compromise worked out. We should not shame parties into a decision that is theirs to make.

You can find more information on https://ryanlaloge.wixsite.com/mysite.

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