Sheyi Olubowale, Red Deer city council candidate. (Contributed photo)

Sheyi Olubowale, Red Deer city council candidate. (Contributed photo)

Municipal election: Red Deer city council candidate Sheyi Olubowale

Sheyi Olubowale is a Red Deer city council candidate.

I am Sheyi – a husband, father, son and neighbour. I value the family and every Red Deerian alike. I first lived in Red Deer 2007 having immigrated to Canada in August 2005. Currently, as a business-founder, I operate a small business here in Red Deer. I am an Alberta physiotherapist with Master’s level management training in public health. I am thoughtful and diligent: I will work for you. As a change agent, I have led rehabilitation medicine departments during times of change and completed quality improvement initiatives; this knowledge will readily translate into city administration. I have worked with children and many seniors in my healthcare capacity. In 2017, I founded the Allied Health Street Clinic (physical medicine/rehab clinic to assist vulnerable and homeless population, located downtown, Red Deer) which operated briefly, without public funds. My city volunteering started in 2007 at the Potters’ Hands Ministries’ Soup Kitchen then at Home Church.


• Will speak up for common-sense tax money disbursement, accountability and probity

• Will encourage consultative leadership, collaboration and evidence-based decision making

• Will defend our most vulnerable businesses, individuals and families

Foresight based on insight through hindsight

• I have an open mind to better ways of doing things. We can accomplish much together with the wisdom of the elders and the energy of the youth while keeping our family-based values at the core

• I will foster clean and judgment-free spaces for our youth to express their creativity: mobilizing the city to support financial education, idea grooming and business planning camps for the youth

• Seniors want to live purposeful and qualitative lives: I will listen to their thoughts on how the city can support them

• I will respect the history of Red Deer and the people who built her up and seek their hindsight on important issues

Let me be your joy councillor!

Social Issues: togetherness

I am determined to foster programs and community initiatives that support the spirit of community and camaraderie amongst Red Deerians including fiestas and educative camps and support for family-based and mental health initiatives.

City economy and local businesses

Revitalizing city’s post-pandemic economy through support for local businesses is paramount: will work hard with council, Downtown Business Association, Chambers of Commerce etc. to find innovative ways to improve the economy.

Seniors’ and youth empowerment/engagement

We must strengthen the voices of seniors and the youth in city and seek to include the wisdom of all Red Deerians in running the city including our recent immigrants.

Hospital expansion

Working with the province to urgently heed the voice of my colleagues in the healthcare community on the urgent need for expansion of the RDRH including a regional cardiac catheterization center is key: matters related to establishing this must be thorough, expedited and without bureaucratic bottlenecks.

Effectively ending homelessness

The answer to homelessness is home! I will work with city council and all players to establish proper and adequate permanent homeless shelter(s). I will be supporting collaboration between RD businesses, RD Primary Care Network and social agencies to find viable and durable solutions to addictions and downtown challenges. We can create a Red Deer solution to our social menace by urgently establishing a vulnerable population registry.

Over 100 years since the Red Deer city was incorporated, there has not been a recent immigrant from a visible minority group on council.

Elect Sheyi Olubowale as one of nine members of Red Deer city council, let’s make history!

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