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Municipal election signs become a target

Municipal election day is Oct. 18

Some Red Deer municipal candidates are reporting that a few of their signs have gone missing.

Sheyi Olubowale said signs posted on people’s lawns have gone missing across the city. A magnetic sign on his vehicle, parked outside his business, was also taken.

He said each time the printed lawn sign was taken, but the wire frame that holds up the sign was always left behind.

Olubowale said he reported the thefts to Red Deer RCMP and was told that there had been no other reports made about missing or damaged municipal candidate signs.


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Council candidate Ryan Laloge said he wasn’t using campaign signs, but knew they cost a lot of money and take time to set up.

“It’s unfortunate that people decide to act that way,” Laloge said.

City council candidate Calvin Campbell said several of his signs have also gone missing in the last few weeks.

“I just chalk it up to children, or child-minded people. Happens every election. Sort of a rite of passage. Perhaps it’s time to do away with these eyesores once and for all,” Campbell said.

Candidate Hans Huizing was disappointed that two of his signs were stolen because he has a very limited number of signs and a small campaign budget.

“It is troubling that a citizen would see it as a joke or even as a statement to take or destroy someone’s sign. Placing a sign on your lawn is the starting point of entering our democracy,” Huizing said.


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The municipal election is on Oct. 18.

Note: This story was updated on Saturday morning.


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