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New dealership brings exotic cars to central Alberta

A new car dealership is bringing exotic vehicles to central Alberta.
Adrenalin Exotics opened in Red Deer this past July. (Contributed photo)

A new car dealership is bringing exotic vehicles to central Alberta.

Earlier this summer, Adrenalin Exotics opened. The dealership, located at 524 Laura Ave., buys and sells super cars and exotic car brands, explained owner Tyson Czuy.

“We’re kind of central Alberta’s only car showroom, so we’re really excited for that,” Czuy said.

“We plan to carry 20 to 25 vehicles in the showroom at once, with selling prices ranging from $100,000 to $500,000. … It’s a childhood dream of mine to buy and sell Lamborghinis and Ferraris.”

Czuy owns Adrenalin Motors in Sylvan Lake, which is described as a specialty independent car dealership.

“Adrenalin Motors has been open since 2015. I tested the market in selling some exotic cars there – we sold some Lamborghinis and Ferraris out of that location. We found there was definitely a market here in central Alberta,” he said.

“With the worldwide web we’re able to sell cars around the world. The first Ferrari we sold in 2016, we actually sold it in London, England.”

Czuy said he has had a passion for exotic vehicles ever since he was a kid.

“I remember looking at the Dupont Registries Magazine growing up – I think my dad was a subscriber. From there, I remember having posters of exotic cars,” he said.

“I’ve been buying and selling cars since 2005 myself. I’m just excited to introduce the exotic car market to central Alberta. the last four or five years I’ve been planning for this, projecting and testing the market.”

Czuy said he’s been able to build a “very loyal team” through his dealership at Adrenalin Motors in Sylvan Lake, which has helped him expand and open Adrenalin Exotics in Red Deer.

“We’ve built a really good reputation and have had phenomenal success. At that dealership, we sell between 45 and 50 cars a month. I have a team in place there that can run that dealership and I can continue to chase my biggest dream, which is selling exotic cars.”

Adrenalin Exotics opened for business on July 1 and the grand opening Oct. 1. On Aug. 20, Czuy got married in his showroom.

“It was the ultimate car guy’s wedding. We got married beside a Lamborghini and a Porsche,” he said.

Sean McIntosh

About the Author: Sean McIntosh

Sean joined the Red Deer Advocate team in the summer of 2017. Originally from Ontario, he worked in a small town of 2,000 in Saskatchewan for seven months before coming to Central Alberta.
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