No plans to evict protest camp across from legislature: Regina police chief

No plans to evict protest camp across from legislature: Regina police chief

Regina’s police chief says there are no plans to clear a protest camp across from the Saskatchewan legislature unless ordered to do so by a court.

Chief Evan Bray said he would comply with any court order but would prefer if the situation were resolved peacefully.

“The court process will lay out what is going to be happening going forward and we will comply with that,” Bray said Monday. “Depending on what the outcome is, that will dictate what our action is.”

A growing number of teepees have been set up to protest racial injustice and the disproportionate number of Indigenous children apprehended by child-welfare workers since late February.

Bylaws prohibit overnight camping and burning combustibles in the park. Ken Cheveldayoff, minister responsible for the commission that +maintains the park, has said the government wants those bylaws enforced.

The provincial government filed an application last week seeking a judge’s order to have the protesters evicted. The government also wants a judge to force Regina police to remove protesters if need be.

Regina police officers moved in to break up the camp last month but it was set up again a few days later. Protesters have filed a court challenge to have six arrests made during that eviction declared illegal.

Both applications are due to be heard in court next month.

Bray has said he doesn’t think the camp poses a public safety threat.

“Regardless of what the outcome is in court, our goal is to make sure everybody’s safe and that we bring peaceful resolution to this,” Bray said.

Campers presented government officials with a list of concerns at a meeting on July 2 and have requested another meeting. Premier Scott Moe has said he has no intention of meeting with them.