Notify Red Deer to be tested Tuesday

Notify Red Deer to be tested Tuesday

Residents signed up for City of Red Deer’s emergency call-out system will get messages

Notify Red Deer, the city’s emergency-call-out system, will do a test run on Tuesday.

Residents who have signed up for Notify Red Deer or whose phone numbers are registered in the phone book (White Pages) can expect to receive a text, email or phone call from the city during the test event.

Notify Red Deer is used to send critical information to residents in the event of an emergency or unfolding situation, and testing the system helps the city and residents prepare for such events.

“Test events help us ensure the system is working properly, identify and address any issues, and to test the system’s capabilities on the telecommunications network, ensuring we’re best positioned to use the system in the case of an emergency,” says the city.

“Testing the system also helps residents prepare for emergencies by familiarizing them with Notify Red Deer and the types of notifications they will receive.”

Residents are asked to sign up and update their Notify Red Deer profile before Tuesday. When signing up, you can choose how you want to receive alerts: by text, email or phone call – but the quickest way to receive alerts is by text or email. You can also sign up for more than one address to receive alerts.

Notify Red Deer is also used for non-emergency notifications. Residents can sign up for Snow Zone Alerts to receive a text, email or phone call when they need to move their vehicle off the street during Snow Zone plowing.

For more information and to sign up visit:

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