Sandra Chapman of Mirror

Sandra Chapman of Mirror

Odd $100-bill may not be worth much more

A $100 bill with a serrated edge may not be worth as much as a Mirror woman hoped.

A $100 bill with a serrated edge may not be worth as much as a Mirror woman hoped.

Though Sandra Chapman is still talking to interested buyers, the vice-president of the Canadian Paper Money Society, Jared Stapleton said the polymer note may not be worth the $6,000 she was quoted.

“This note would not have a value of $6,000 to a collector,” said Stapleton. “It would be worth $100.”

He said the reason being is that the note is actually smaller than an actual note and the top edge would have been serrated off.

“Whether it would be an a counting machine, like a cash machine coming out, or someone having fun with the note and cut the top edge off the note,” said Stapleton, adding a comparable Canadian $100 bill sold on May 13 on eBay for $125.

Stapleton also contributes to the Charlton Press, which publishes catalogues on the value of collectibles including coins, banknotes, medals, sports cards, dolls and porcelain figures.

His specialty is in error money notes, which can have significant value.

“This could possibly be considered an error note, but probably not because the original note has been taken away from and there is no telling where that has happened,” said Stapleton.

He said it was very unlikely that the error in the bill was created during manufacturing.

“There are only a couple of error notes that would sell in that $6,000 range,” he said.

But the woman who found the bill amongst a $2,500 payout from a video lottery terminal at Red Deer’s Jackpot Casino Sunday said she still has people interested in paying a pretty penny for the bill.

“There could be other people who could collect it for more,” said Chapman, adding she will try to get as much out of this as she can.

“You never know, there are a lot of different interested people out there. We’ll see where it goes.”