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Olds College, Red Deer Polytechnic are among top research colleges in Canada

They are on the Research Infosource Inc.’s Top 50 list
Red Deer Polytechnic’s applied research technician Sam Laham explains the laser scanning process. (Contributed photo)

Two Central Alberta learning institutions are on the Top 50 list of research colleges in Canada.

Olds College’s Centre For Innovation holds the No. 10 spot, while Red Deer Polytechnic is ranked 38th on Canada’s Top 50 Research Colleges 2022 list by Research Infosource Inc.

Olds College, which specializes in agriculture-related research, is among three Alberta Colleges in the Top 10, following Calgary’s Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) at No. 5 and Edmonton’s Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) at No. 7.

Olds College’s Centre for Innovation had 55 researchers on staff and attracted $7.5 million in applied research investment. This was a 220 per cent increase from the previous year.

Red Deer Polytechnic attracted $2.6 million in applied research investment and employed 68 researchers.

It also ranked first in the country in annual growth in research income, with a 515 per cent increase from the previous year.

“By aligning our programming with Alberta’s key economic and social priorities, RDP is making a significant and long-term impact on the province, the nation and the world,” says Stuart Cullum, President of Red Deer Polytechnic, who was previously president of Olds College.

Dr. Maureen Toews, RDP’s Associate Vice President of Teaching, Learning, and Research, said “With world-class facilities, strong partnerships, and expert faculty and staff, Red Deer Polytechnic will continue to enhance its funding and applied research impact.”

The Polytechnic operates the Centre for Innovation in Manufacturing-Technology Access Centre (CIM-TAC) and Energy Innovation Centre (EIC), which includes the Alternative Energy Lab. In 2022, 73 projects were initiated, supporting innovation for 57 companies. The CIM-TAC has $6.6 million in advanced manufacturing equipment.

The Polytechnic is proposing a $16 million expansion to the CIM-TAC to support Alberta companies with technology adoption and corporate training, provide work-learning opportunities for students and engage K-12 students.

RDP is also developing multi-disciplinary approaches to wellness and social issues through its partnership with the Central Alberta Child Advocacy Centre

The Polytechnic will host its 2nd Annual Research Showcase on campus March 2.

In the meantime, businesses can submit project inquiries to the CIM-TAC or EIC for assistance in applied research, product and process development. Proposals can be emailed to: