Olds College has a new Bachelor of Digital Agriculture Degree program starting in the fall of 2023. (Contributed photo).

Olds College has a new Bachelor of Digital Agriculture Degree program starting in the fall of 2023. (Contributed photo).

Olds College’s new digital agriculture degree program starts in 2023

Graduates will learn how to use new advances to improve sustainability

Olds College is set to offer a new four-year degree program that will help graduates use new agriculture technologies to achieve greater farming sustainability.

The new Bachelor of Digital Agriculture Degree program was created in response to a significant skills gap identified within the agriculture industry when it comes to adopting to computerized innovations, states a release from Olds College.

Starting in the fall of 2023, the new program will engage students in real-world problems and explore solutions using digital agriculture technologies and practices.

Through immersion in global challenges and diverse perspectives, program graduates will be prepared for more entrepreneurial thinking. They will learn to incorporate new advances and machinery management methods “to realize the social, economic, and environmental objectives of sustainability,” added the release.

The new program will be offered through the College’s Werklund School of Agriculture Technology. The Digital Agriculture Degree is one of three Ag Tech programs created at Olds College. The facility also offers the Precision Agriculture Techgronomy Diploma, and the Agriculture Technology Integration Post-Diploma Certificate.

Olds College is continuing to work alongside producers to deliver graduates with relevant skills to help lead the industry and “transform agriculture for a better world,” said Debbie Thompson, Vice President Academic and Students Experience.

Jeff Carlson, CEO of Carlson Agricultural Enterprises Ltd., believes the degree program will be invaluable.

“As a producer, the speed at which technology is changing our current agriculture practices is daunting,” he said.

“Now, more than ever, the ag sector needs skilled graduates who are able to understand, harness and leverage the immense amount of data being generated throughout the agri-food value chain so that Canada’s ag sector can sustainably produce the highest quality food for a growing global population.”

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