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Peacock missing in Central Alberta

A Central Alberta woman is looking for a missing peacock.
Wilson the peacock is missing in Central Alberta. (Contributed photo)

A Central Alberta woman is looking for a missing peacock.

Sharon McMurray, of Lacombe County, has two peacocks: one male and one female. Over the past couple of months, both have gone missing – fortunately, the female was located recently, so it’s just the male that remains lost.

“The female was getting ready to nest,” McMurray explained.

“They usually take off out in the bush, lay a bunch of eggs and come back every two or three days to eat.”

Unfortunately, the bird didn’t come back. McMurray said the male peacock, Wilson, was distraught when the female didn’t return.

“Last Saturday, he disappeared. We had no idea where he was,” said McMurray.

On Tuesday, McMurray’s sister-in-law contacted her and said Wilson was spotted near the Spirit Creek Golf and RV Park, which is just north of Red Deer.

“I went over there – they were really good and said they’d keep an eye out for him and went out looking for him,” she said.

“We went out the next night, drove around in a golf cart looking, but couldn’t find him. I just thought he must be gone. But then he was spotted at my nephew’s house, which is just along the QEII when you come up the Blindman Hill, between Blackfalds and Red Deer.”

McMurray posted on various Facebook groups, hoping to find more tips about Wilson’s location. Multiple people have reached out, saying they spotted him, she noted.

“I got phone calls from people (Wednesday) night saying, ‘We live at the top of the Blindman Hill and he was in my backyard,” she said.

One person who saw the Facebook post told McMurray that they spotted the female peacock back in mid-May. The sighting was reported to the Medicine River Wildlife Centre, which then contacted an individual in Rocky Mountain House, who collected and has been taking care of the bird.

McMurray is now making arrangements to pick up the female over the next couple of days.

About five years ago, McMurray started caring for peacocks.

“They’re just stunning animals. The males have such beautiful tails. They shed their tails starting in July and I’ll pick up hundreds of feathers. They’re just beautiful,” said McMurray.

Anyone who spots Wilson is encouraged to call Sharon McMurray at 403-885-5050.

“I’d really like him back.”

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