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Penhold awarded funding for trail development

$915,077 or 60 per cent of $1.53-million project will be federally supported
The Town of Penhold will complete an estimated $1.53-million project, of which $915,077 or 60 per cent will be federally supported. (Contributed image)

Penhold will receive federal funding for trail development, the town announced earlier this week.

Through the federal government’s Active Transportation Fund, the Town of Penhold will complete an estimated $1.53-million project, $915,077 or 60 per cent of which will be federally supported.

“This funding will focus on connectivity and expansion of trails in town including a footbridge, crosswalks, lighting, boat dock and aeration system within the ponds by the Penhold Regional Multiplex,” said Penhold Mayor Mike Yargeau.

This funding also includes trail enhancements throughout Penhold to bring active transportation connection throughout the community.

“We have been working on developing the recreation lands near the Multiplex in phases with the Community Hub Phase currently in progress,” said Yargeau.

“This new funding from the (Active Transportation Fund) will allow us to finish the lands by the Multiplex and continue on with the next phase right away.”

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