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Premier, NDP leader wish Albertans a happy new year

There will be a provincial election in 2023
Alberta Premier Danielle Smith will face off against Alberta NDP leader Rachel Notley in a provincial election this upcoming May. (File photo by The Canadian Press)

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith and Alberta NDP leader Rachel Notley are wishing Albertans a happy new year, just months before the two are expected to go head to head in a provincial election.

“With a new year dawning, Albertans have many reasons for optimism,” Smith said in a statement on Sunday.

“Our economy has bounced back from serious challenges and is showing signs of strength. Businesses are growing, creating fresh jobs and opportunities, while Alberta’s resources are in demand around the world.

Smith said the United Conservative Party government is “moving quickly to ease the affordability crisis, improve access to health care and stand fast with other provinces against federal overreach.”

“There is a long road ahead to achieve these goals. But Alberta has never lacked for ambition or the resolve to see it through to success. Together, we will protect and build up our beautiful home, making it a better place for everyone,” said Smith.

“As Albertans, we have much to be thankful for and even more to be excited about in the future. I wish you all a safe, happy and fulfilling 2023.”

Notley said in a separate statement that 2023 will be a year where Albertans “have the opportunity to choose better.”

“Albertans are facing a choice like never before, a decision that will forever change the future of our province. Two very different visions for what Alberta is — and what it can be,” said Notley.

“After the chaos and instability of these past four years under the UCP, we can’t afford four more. Instead, we will steward an economy with a resilient private sector, where, together, we can create jobs and prosperity for the long term.”

Notley said she knows in times of struggle “these challenges sometimes feel overwhelming.”

“But I wake up every day, I walk out my front door, and I join with all Albertans giving everything they have to build a better life on the prairies. When faced with great trials and tribulations, Albertans do not back down,” Notley said.

The 2023 Alberta general election is scheduled, by law, to be held on May 29, 2023, to elect the members of the Legislative Assembly.

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