An energy rebate scam is circulating in Alberta. (Contributed photo)

An energy rebate scam is circulating in Alberta. (Contributed photo)

Province warns Albertans about energy rebate scam

Several groups across the province are warning citizens to be aware of a new electricity rebate scam.

The Alberta Government, as well as the Alberta NDP and the Better Business Bureau of Southern Alberta, have issued warnings about a potential text message scam.

According to a release from the Alberta Government, more than 1.9 million Albertans will receive bill credits for $50 over three consecutive months on their electricity bills to help offset the high costs they experienced last winter.

“There’s already been reports of a scam going around through unsolicited texts prompting Albertans to register for the program,” explained Mary O’Sullivan-Andersen, President and CEO of BBB Serving Southern Alberta and East Kootenay.

“If someone contacts you and asks you to register for the Electricity Rebate Program do not engage with them. It’s a scam.”

In a release Friday, the province said “the forthcoming electricity rebate program will be applied directly to Albertans’ bills in the coming months – there will be no need to apply for the rebate. More information will be released in the near future.”

The government added “neither the Government of Alberta nor the Government of Canada has sent emails or texts to Albertans about the electricity rebate program or any other energy rebates. Never click on links or provide personal or banking information in response to text messages or emails that you didn’t ask for, or if you don’t know the sender.”

If you think you’ve been a victim of fraud or suspected fraud, report it to the police or the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501.