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Red Deer art framer recognized at U.K. competition

Ghostbusters inspires professional framer
A Ghostbusters-themed frame made by Andrea Tucker-Hutch, of Curiosity Art & Framing, was chosen as one of the top five frames at a recent Fine Art Trade Guild competition in Britain. (Photo by Susan Zielinski/Advocate staff)

A green, slimy-looking Ghostbusters frame, created by a Red Deer professional framer, made it to the top five at the United Kingdom’s Fine Art Trade Guild competition in May.

The theme of the competition was Back to the 80s and when Andrea Tucker-Hutch decided to focus on the mega-hit movie, she poured liquid resin into a mold made from spray foam to make a frame that looked like the ectoplasm ooze that splattered the heroes.

“It’s my crazy one,” said Tucker-Hutch about the lit frame that glows green and features a Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man.

“I like messing with new materials. It’s such a different way of making a frame and many people were very interested in the process,” said the owner of Curiosity Art & Framing.

She said some people look at it and say it’s not a frame, but it’s just not a traditional frame, and that’s what many like most about it.

“Specialty ones like this allow me to try something new. It allows me to work with a different medium. It allows me to experiment, and if it turns out, then I can use it to do something for someone else.”

She said wooden frames have been around for centuries, and new materials are being developed all the time.

“What we do is not obsolete. We can do traditional. But we can do something absolutely crazy as well. It fits more with the way people want to feel now, a little more unique.”

Unusual frames also draw people in and can start a conversation, she said.

“Especially coming out of COVID, you want people to start talking to each other.”

Tucker-Hutch actually shipped her frame to Britain back in February 2020 and intended to be at awards ceremony that spring when COVID-19 struck.

The competition finally went forward this year, and last month she received an email that her frame was chosen one of the top five, and she attended the lavish gala ceremony on May 14.

While Tucker-Hutch did not win the guild’s framing challenge, she is likely the first North American to become a finalist.

“There are very few organizations that have been around as long as the Fine Art Trade Guild and it’s nice to be recognized by them in any way, shape or form.”

Next year the theme for the competition is Casino Royale, and Tucker-Hutch already has some ideas.

“My brain going a thousand miles a minute.

“Now my goal is not to just be a finalist. My goal is to turn around and become the winner.”

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