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Red Deer Catholic acquires Indigenous Languages grant

Red Deer Catholic acquires Indigenous Languages grant

Red Deer Catholic acquires Indigenous Languages grant

Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools will receive $288,000 over the next two years through a Department of Canadian Heritage Grant.

On Friday, the school division announced it has acquired a two-year Indigenous Languages. The Indigenous Education Services Department at RDCRS will use this grant for its Honouring Indigenous Languages Project.

“Our division recognizes that language is the root of learning about the culture, and understands that it is essential to bring Indigenous languages to RDCRS’ students to revitalize language and help students further explore their culture,” said Ryan Sawula, associate superintendent of curriculum.

“Our hope is that this project will help students see language as a pathway to their culture and help to keep culture and values alive.”

The Honouring Indigenous Languages Project aims to introduce students to Indigenous languages local to our division’s treaty area, surrounding all 20 schools within Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools.

Over the next two years, RDCRS will deliver audio and visual activity classes in Michif, Blackfoot and Cree language and song activities, Cree writing and sighting language instruction, as well as Indigenous languages professional development classes.

RDCRS will also have cultural language instructors work alongside Elders and knowledge keepers to build a deeper understanding and knowledge of Indigenous languages.

A key expected outcome of this project is that Indigenous students and their families will have increased opportunities to engage in activities that strengthen Indigenous languages, while embracing and sharing their languages with other Canadians.

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