Red Deer Catholic Schools developing COVID-19 vaccination policy

Kim Pasula, was named the new Red Deer Regional Schools Catholic Schools Board chair, is serving his first term on the board after being elected in 2017. (Photo courtesy of Red Deer Regional Schools Catholic Schools)

Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools has taken the next step towards establishing a COVID-19 vaccination policy.

In a news release Thursday, the board of trustees said they have directed administrators to develop a policy that includes:

• The board will pay for paying for all testing

• Vaccinations will not be mandated

Further, the Board of Trustees directed senior administration to review, and revise when necessary, the administrative procedure monthly.

“As a Catholic school community, we approached this decision through the lens of compassion and empathy. The Board of Trustees was guided by a deep desire to honour all staff members who have a diversity of perspectives,” said board chair, Kim Pasula at Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools.

“Trustees benefited from the wealth of information and messages that were shared with them from community members and delegations.”

The division says the next step is to develop the administrative procedure that will guide implementation.

On Monday, Red Deer Public Schools held a special meeting where a decision was made that teachers and other employees will need to be vaccinated or provide a negative rapid test semi-weekly starting Jan. 10.