Fence Line Weed Control Program fee reduced

Fence Line Weed Control Program fee reduced

Red Deer County’s mayor hopes a change in the cost of the municipality’s weed control program may reduce the size of unwanted growth in the area.

Council gave first and second reading to an amendment to reduce the cost of the Fence Line Weed Control Program from $100 per half miles to $0.

In 2017, two-and-a-half miles of fence line were sprayed under the program.

The major cost of the program was the administration time involved in pre-scouting the land to ensure it was accessible and the time involved in issuing the invoices. The herbicide costs was the least costly.

“As a farmer, I can see this as being a cost saver,” said Mayor Jim Wood. “If we can get the area sprayed, the weeds will not seed out. We will reduce the amount of chemical that may be needed.”

But, the change doesn’t mean the fee couldn’t come back one day. The fee was reduced to $0, but the county may increase it in the future.

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