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Red Deer MLA says there’s ‘excessive risk aversion and fear’ about COVID

Jason Stephan makes statement in legislature
Red Deer-South MLA Jason Stephan addressed the Rotary Club Red Deer East at Pidherney Curling Centre in this March file photo. (File photo Advocate staff)

Red Deer-South MLA Jason Stephan says many of his constituents are concerned that lockdowns and shutdowns will destroy livelihoods, and undermine mental and emotional health.

Stephan, who made the remarks recently in the legislature, said like many parents, he sees the work and effort of young adults threatened by calls for lockdowns with devastating economic consequences.

“Some of the loudest voices calling for lockdowns, will not lose a penny of pay, while those impacted may lose it all,” Stephan said.

He was also concerned about the impact health orders are having on the mental health of children.

“COVID should be respected; but children are low risk – not a single school-age child has died from COVID in Alberta,” said Stephan.

“Yet, there is excessive risk aversion – a single positive COVID case in a high school should not result in 118 other students sent home to isolate, just because they were in the same class, notwithstanding physical distancing is respected, with good health and no symptoms.”

He said there is “excessive risk aversion and fear.”

“Orders, lockdowns and shutdowns are not healthy – imposing long-term physical, mental and social health costs, especially on our children.”

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