Red Deer native Patricia Lin, seen here with her husband Roger, recently released her eighth book. (Contributed photo)

Red Deer native Patricia Lin, seen here with her husband Roger, recently released her eighth book. (Contributed photo)

Red Deer native releases eighth children’s book

Author Patricia Lin says she loves to tell stories about the ordinary things in life.

The 46-year-old Red Deer native, who now lives in Calgary, recently self-published Crow and Magpie: A Story of Friendship, her eighth children’s book since 2018.

The story is about a crow and a magpie, who have experienced loss, coming together as friends.

“I was inspired because we have a lot of crows and magpies in our neighbourhood here in Calgary,” Lin explained.

“Also I was reading an article about how certain (animals), for example crows and magpies, don’t really interact. But in certain circumstances these animals befriend each other. That provoked my interest and I created the story.”

The book was illustrated by her mother, Vicky Kitsco, who now lives in Edmonton.

“I really appreciate the (artistic) gift she has. Being able to do this together is extra special because it kind of creates a bond,” she said.

Working together on these books is a way for the mother and daughter to support each other, Lin noted.

“Writing gives me enjoyment and art gives my mom enjoyment, and it is something to focus on beyond the challenges of life. We’re both getting older too, so it’s a special thing that we can come together to create these books.”

Lin is an educator and mother in Calgary. She has always been fond of writing, she said.

“Writing is something I’ve always liked, even when I was a young child. When I was maybe 12, I had a poem published. Life goes on and you’re busy, but it was in 2018 that I started working with my mom and self-publishing stories,” she said.

As a young adult, Lin also wrote articles for a magazine called Oi! Kochi while teaching in Japan.

Lin said she likes to write about “very ordinary things.”

“Sometimes you realize if you just slow down and focus on what’s immediately around you, there’s a lot to learn and a lot to notice,” she said.

“In our daily lives, we don’t often do that. I feel like perhaps I’ve grown a bit more mindful in recent years and that inspires me.”

Hardcover and paperback copies of Crow and Magpie: A Story of Friendship can be purchased on

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