Red Deer Seniors Light Tour route

Red Deer Seniors Light Tour route

Anyone can follow the route during Christmas season

Directions for the Kinsmen/Kinettes seniors lights tour

(L for turn left, and R for turn right)

Leave City Hall westbound on Ross Street,

R on 49th Avenue,

L on 60th Street through Lower Fairview straight to Oleander Drive,

R on Overdown Drive,

L on Ohio Close, around the close,

R back on Overdown Drive,

L on Oleander Drive,

L on Taylor Drive,

R on 67th Street….follow onto 30th Avenue past Safety City,

L on 55th Street,

R on Rutherford Drive,

R on Richards Crescent,

R on Russell straight through to Ramsay Avenue,

L on Randolph Street,

L on Robinson Crescent,

L on Reinholdt Avenue,

R on Reichley Street, L on Rideout Avenue straight across to Deer Park on Donlevy Avenue,

R on Dempsy Street,

L on Dodge Avenue straight onto Dowler Street,

L on Duffield Avenue,

R on Duston Street,

L on Darling Crescent, follow all the way around,

R on Daines Avenue,

R on 32nd Street,

R on 30th Avenue,

L Ellenwood Drive,

R on Erickson Drive,

L on Ellis Street,

L on Ebert Avenue,

L on Excell Street,

R on Ellenwood Drive,

R on 39th Street,

L on 43rd Avenue at the IDA,

L on 35th Street…follow around back to 43rd Avenue,

L on 43rd Avenue,

L on 39th Street,

R on 40th Avenue,

L on Austin Drive,

L on Addington Avenue,

R on Assinger Avenue,

L on Adamson Avenue,

R on 22nd Street and back to the Westerner