Running resolutions

I give up when things start to feel uncomfortable. I overestimate the amount of stretching I do in a given day. Oh the struggle of a recreational runner is real.

  • Jan. 25, 2016 12:52 p.m.


I give up when things start to feel uncomfortable. I overestimate the amount of stretching I do in a given day.

Oh the struggle of a recreational runner is real.

But it is the season of making resolutions so I quickly landed on two running-related goals to tackle over the next 12 months.

My desire to increase the flexibility and mobility of my joints and muscles is my first lofty resolution. Yes I am one of those runners who say, I need to stretch more but never makes the effort.

I have enlisted some help to make this a priority once and all.

In a moment of weakness (or do they call it yoga brain?), I signed up for Bikram Yoga Red Deer’s 30-day challenge. Starting on Jan.4, I will be sweating my ass off while committing to 30 consecutive days of hot yoga.

New owners Jackie Kurylo and Breanna McCubbin and their tribe of happy yoga instructors really know their stuff. I am not a yoga practitioner but I am quickly becoming a fan. I hope this late in life interest in yoga will do the trick.

Secondly I am going to resist my self-sabotaging ways. You know when you’re running and everything is going according to plan but suddenly self-doubt starts seeping in? It happens to me all the time. I let my lack of confidence and insecurities rule the run. I worry about coming in last. I worry about looking like a fat whale in the race photos.

But in 2016 I am going to give my head a shake and focus on silencing the negative talk.

I know I am not the only one with goals for next year so I asked a few Running with Rhyno readers to share their hopes for 2016.

Local physiotherapist Perry Mill wants to tackle a new distance. The 54-year-old has always pounded the pavement but he took his running to a new level by entering races in 2009. He has run four marathons (three Woody’s and Victoria) and favours the half-marathon distance.

This past summer Perry tackled his first trail race – Moose Mountain 29 km – in Bragg Creek. He loved it. So much so in May he will challenge the Blackfoot 50K near the Cooking Lake Recreation Area, east of Edmonton.

And if that’s not enough he signed up for his first half Ironman, the Great White North, in Stony Plain in July.

Perry plans to run at least 80 km, swim lots and maybe throw some yoga into the mix to reach his goals. He sees climbing hills and more hills in his immediate future.

“Not sure how I’m going to do all that, but I guess what doesn’t kill me will make me stronger,” laughed Perry.

Speaking of having a full plate, did you know our mayor is an avid runner? If you have spent anytime at the Collicutt Centre, you may have spotted Tara at the track or singing off key on a treadmill.

Tara says she loves running because she used to believe she couldn’t do it. It was only when she finally got it in her head that she could that it really took with her.

She hasn’t looked back.

Running has become her primary stress outlet.

Her goal for 2016?

To continually increase my incline/resistance on the treadmill over the winter while running indoors,” said Tara.

“Last year when I began running outside again in the spring, I realized I had lost ground in the natural resistance training that outdoor trail running affords so I’m determined to preempt this from happening in 2016.”

I didn’t ask Tara if she has any races inked into her agenda next year. Maybe we should encourage her to run Woody’s?

Other readers also declared their intentions including Oswaldo Asprino who wants “to do more cross training, Bikram yoga, some weights, swimming and biking.”

Diane Goodwin said, “I am turning 60 this year. My resolution is to train for a full marathon making it an even dozen.”

My good friend Sona Macnaughton wants to get her running groove back. She hopes to be at the starting line of the local Harvest Run in September.

Is running your first marathon or running a better time on your to-do list? Check out the Red Deer Runner’s marathon clinic that starts on Jan.17. Find out more information at


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