(Black Press file photo.)

(Black Press file photo.)

RV storage yard proposed for east Red Deer gains initial approval

A public hearing will be held on Jan. 18

City council has given initial approval to a 10-acre RV storage site in east Red Deer, on land zoned for future residential development.

An applicant wants to create a storage site for recreational vehicles and trailers on part of an 80-acre parcel, located about one kilometre east of the Laredo neighbourhood.

A site exception is needed, however, since outdoor storage is not a listed use in the A1 Future Urban Development District.

City planning manager Emily Damberger told council that an RV storage yard could be accommodated in the district, creating an opportunity for efficient land use that doesn’t hinder future development and leaves no permanent structures.

“Although the long-term intent is to provide for urban growth, a temporary use with no permanent structures or infrastructure is an efficient use of land until such urban development occurs,” states a report to council.

Damberger also put forward a proposed bylaw that would make recreational vehicle and trailer storage an accepted use on all A1 properties over two hectares.

But city council did not want to open the door that widely to other such temporary, low-impact developments in the A1 district.

Instead, council gave first reading only to the application for the 10-acre RV storage site.

Only one adjacent landowner objected to the additional traffic the storage site could create, and possible disturbances to a herd of mule deer.

City administration responded that development regulations would address location, traffic intensity and landscaping.

A public hearing for the application is planned for Jan. 18.

City council also heard about a proposed small equipment storage yard for south of the Central Park neighbourhood in north Red Deer at C&E Trail, near Highway 11A.

Councillors wanted more information about the proposed site before giving the proposal first reading.

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